Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a bit of "The Artist" in our souls

I believe we are all born with a bit of "The Artist" in our souls. As we grow it usually seems that our guardians and mentors make every effort to free our creative being. When we are very young some of the first things we are encouraged to do are draw, paint and produce form, color, movement, lines using any number of different types of mediums/media. The results of our efforts are typically treasured for many, many years to come.

As we grow older, most of us find that our mind's concentrations are slowly and progressively diverted towards more mindful, (if sensible) areas. We ultimately become lawyers, teachers, truck drivers, and some dancers and singers are in there for good measure. There are so many wonderful paths to travel and either by choice or circumstances we each find our way.

As content as I may find myself toward the end of my road, I am still so envious of those few who have managed to walk the path and lose that artistic vision that was so prevalent in our earlier days. When I am driving at dusk in my desert foothills and take note of the endless forms and textures of color; I still feel the need to grab a sketch pad and piece of charcoal simply to try and make a small piece of the vast landscape my own. I lack the time and talent to give this gift to myself.

My intent is to make all of you unfulfilled creative beings aware that we have someone in our midst that we have the option of expressing ourselves through.

Bill Abatecola lives and works on the NW side of Tucson, AZ in what is still a relatively undisturbed desert area. He transforms recycled materials into unexpected unique pieces of art! His works of art are on display at The Max Gallery in the Nanni Building located at 2120 W Ina Rd, Tucson, AZ, NW corner of Ina Rd and La Cholla Blvd in front of the Foothills Mall. His wind sculptures are for sale at Harlow Gardens located at 5620 E Pima Rd, Tucson, AZ

Submitted by a Tucson friend and fan

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